Measuring Personal Well-Being

Well-Being is:

  1. More than income
  2. More than happiness
  3. More than “traditional” ideas of wellbeing


MindBeWell is developing tools to provide Well-Being feedback to individuals as well as trusted people and organizations they are connected with. We are looking for pilot customers and business partners to enhance these tools. Human Resources and professional therapists are among the immediate beneficiaries of such novel tools. Please contact us to learn more.


The measurement of human wellbeing became an economic motivator in the 20th century. For decades these measurements have been dominated by measuring output (GDP). The growth of GDP is seen by many as the key goal in order to achieve human “welfare” or wellbeing. At the same time a growing number of alternative and broader measures have been developed. Unfortunately, those did not find any traction in our societies and usually report only on country levels, basically ignoring the individual. In addition, many types of happiness surveys and assessments have become quite popular. But even if “happiness” could be accurately measured, it misses the point as it is just one of many contributors to actual Well-Being.


MindBeWell is convinced that it is time to focus on the Well-Being of individuals, as well as their impact on groups and communities. Therefore, MindBeWell developed a model providing a holistic view on our personal lives. Implementations of this holistic view are intended to measure aspects of individual Well-Being and create aggregate data of groups. Examples of groups using MindBeWell tools are here.

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